We are getting a cat today! Sly and Cordy have been gone for 2-3 years now, and we’ve been talking about getting more cats for a while. Brenda found a good one at the Troutdale humane society yesterday. She’s 6 months old and had just arrived at the shelter. Lots of photos coming soon…

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[Edit] Her name is Olivia.

New Deck

Our new deck is complete and it’s much nicer than the old one. The flooring is composite material from TimberTech and the railing is aluminum. We plan to stain the wood skirting to better match the deck and house color, but we’ll have to wait until it stops raining. As a bonus, we have a decent sized storage area underneath part of the deck.

Slow Gardening


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This summer is getting off to a slow start, as are our vegetables. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, various peppers, and carrots. So far we haven’t picked a thing. We’ve barely reached the 80s in temperature, and we’ve had more rain than usual. However, despite the lack of veggies, I’m personally enjoying the cool summer.