Rockets at Trailblazers

On December 5th, we attended the Houston Rockets @ Portland Trailblazers game.  We sat way up in the 300 section, but we had mid-court aisle seats which turned out to be quite nice.  Portland won the game – and they have won all 3 games we’ve been to (against tough opponents).  I think we bring good luck… for wins.  Unfortunately, we were witness to the season ending injury of Greg Oden.  It was bad.  The entire arena went silent.  The Rockets showed class by giving him a pat on the back and some nice words before they wheeled him out on the stretcher.  The city of Portland is saddened by this, as we have all come to really like Greg as a player and a person.

Birthday and Other Events

For my birthday, I went to Rogue (as I have done for the past 7 years in a row) and got a free beer and t-shirt.  Bren and I took the next day off of work and had a delicious meal at Salvador Molly’s and took a hike around Gabriel Park.  It was a fantastic birthday.  Now that I’m in my “late 30s…”, I may choose to do something different next year.  We’ll see.

I Know…

…this web site is way out of date. I’m working on a replacement that is less of a blog and more of an aggregator. It’s slow going due to my lack of free time lately, but it will be here one day. Meanwhile, try the links in the header for more up to date Kevin data.

What’s going on? We’re attempting to sell our house and move closer in to Portland. At the moment, we’re making some minor updates and interviewing realtors. We have not found a house to buy, and we haven’t even narrowed down a specific location yet. Right now it’s all about selling.

The Snow Keeps Coming

The yard

The yard,
originally uploaded by cleverswine.

This is our back yard. I have no idea how many inches we have so far, but I’d roughly estimate 12″. It’s still coming down as of Monday morning. After driving to the MAX station this morning, I’m ready for the snow to be gone. Driving through it makes me very nervous.

Check my flickr set for updated snow photos

A Lot Like Christmas

Like most of the U.S., we’re getting our fair share of frigid weather in the Northwest. We got some snow on Sunday, and there’s plenty more to come in the next week. I’m excited, but I can definitely see why some people don’t want to live where it snows a lot. For ongoing photos of the Portland area snow storm of 2008, check the flickr pool: Portland Snow Day 2008. Also check mine.

Felony Flats and Hearses

This morning I was browsing Weather Underground because there are lots of neat weather related features on that site (almanacs, astrology, maps galore, etc). I was looking through the various Portland weather stations and came across one called “Felony Flats, Portland, OR“. I thought that was pretty funny. What’s funnier is the link to the station’s web site: Coffin Cruisers Hearse Club of Portland. I had no idea there existed a community of people who drive hearses (and have personal weather stations).