Matchbox Desktop Config

I’m working on a new project for my PDA. The application will allow for configuring the Matchbox Desktop (which is the user interface for my PDA). Without this application, users of Matchbox (on a PDA anyway) must edit a series of configuration files in order to create folders and move programs from folder to folder. My program allows for adding/editing/deleting applications and folders. It’s written in Python 2.4 using the GTK library for UI. Here’s a screenshot of my alpha version:


iPhone, OpenMoko, HTC Shift

I’ve been hacking away at my Sharp Zaurus for a couple of years now. It has brought me great pleasure, but I’m in need of a new toy. Anyone’s input is appreciated. At the moment, my options are:

Pros: It looks nice and does lots of cool stuff (I assume). There will be a large software repository due to it’s popularity.
Cons: It’s Apple. I don’t want a machine so tightly coupled with a corporation.

Pros: It runs a completely open source version of Linux, therefore it’s hackable.
Cons: It’s hackable and I’ll break it.

HTC Shift:
Pros: Powerful enough to run Windows Vista (which I happen to like). It’s small enough to tote.
Cons: It’s a lot like what I already have, and I paid $400 for what I have.

HTC Shift

New Toys

I have 2 fairly new toys that are exciting enough (to me) to write about. One is a 37″ LCD television from Olevia. I got a great deal on it, and we are very happy with it. Unfortunately, we don’t have HD service yet. Soon. The other toy is a mouse for my PDA. The mouse itself isn’t that impressive, but it gives my PDA a laptop feel. I’m currently running Linux with ICEWM as the window manager. It is fully loaded with a variety of Linux aplications.

Check out the photos