Wedding Web Site

If anyone is wondering why they can’t find our wedding web site via this page, it’s because I purposely do not link to it from this page. If I were to put a link to that web site from here, the search engines would crawl and index it, which means that anyone in the world could easily find and visit our private wedding site. As a result, spammers would start posting comments, evil people would know all of our personal details, etc.

If you got an invitation, the web address is enclosed. You can also email us, or use the contact form on this site to ask where it is. Our gift registry is detailed on the wedding web site.


Real Interesting Stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but I can’t say that I have anything real interesting to write about…

It’s 98 degrees in Gresham right now.

My contracting job is almost up, and we banged out this web site in 6 weeks: There’s a good chance that I will stay and work full time for this company (Avenue A | Razorfish).

Bren is having her wedding dress altered today, or something like that. I’m staying inside the air-conditioned house.

We just finished watching “The Wire” seasons 1-4, and now we’re watching “Dexter“. The Wire was great, and so is Dexter so far.

I installed a plugin for Windows Media Center to watch Netflix Watch Now movies via the WMC interface. It’s nice.

The Astros are awful. They will be playing the BoSox again today. The Kansas City Royals are doing as well as the ‘Stros.

Ninety Minute Presentation

We got an exciting call a few days ago. We were told that we had won an all expense paid vacation/honeymoon package to an all inclusive resort in the Bahamas. Our name was entered at the Bridal Show, so we were pretty sure that it was a legitimate prize. The only catch was that we had to sit through a 90 minute presentation about fancy cookware. We went to the presentation last night at the Hayden Island Holiday Inn Express. To their credit, the cookware was actually quite nice (Simplicity Gourmet). We resisted the urge to spend thousands of dollars on nice pots and pans, and left with our free vacation package. The vacation package isn’t so nice. It only covers 2 nights at the resort, and does not cover airfare. In addition, we would have to pay $200 ($50/person/night) up front for gratuity and taxes. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s a scam, even though we were mislead by the phone call. We’re not going to take the trip, as I’d rather pay a little more and go somewhere that we really want to go to.

As I was typing this, I did a quick search and found this thread on…
Beware of Free Vacation From Simplicity Gourmet

If you’re wondering why I didn’t do that search before we accepted the vacation, it’s because we were not told on the phone who was doing the presentation and giving away the vacation packages.